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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maybe a few clicks will justify my existence

Dennis has a pet Lemur! Cool!

Power is out and the Lockhorns have to bundle up by the fire. Leroy tries to make the best of the situation by quoting Thoreau. Probably bits from Walden. As the power outage goes on and temperatures drop Loretta snarks about her husband's attempt at getting something out of this inconvenience.

Loretta, cut Leroy some slack. He has the rare ability to appreciate the stupidity of Family Guy and quote Thoreau. Leroy can quote Thoreau! Jeez, have some respect for his learning. Sure familiarity with Thoreau is not too useful in these conditions but quoting by Thoreau, Leroy attempts to use this bit of adversity for spiritual growth. Loretta, all you do is mock. Unfortunately, a jury will not buy, "She mocked my attempt at spiritual growth."

Oh, god, I'm delving into the thoughts and motivations of comic strip characters! And trying to counsel them! Whoa, having a brief moment of doubt about the utility and meaning of my existence. Maybe going over to the Hunger Site and clicking a few times will help.

At last, a young Mary Worth. That pink kerchief is all that is left of the pink outfit she had to wear as a child. Living through the Great Depression made Mary the dispenser of well-intentioned if not fully thought out advice she is today? This also explains so much about Mary - buying the cheap dog food, attempting to make her food go a long way by making casseroles, and purchasing items barely recognizable as food.

Mary Worth was a red-headed stepchild!

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