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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Finding meaning

Wow. Mort Walker must be reading the Comics Curmudgeon. There have been comments implying a relationship between Sarge and Beetle beyond professional. A relationship violating several army rules. Mort Walker acknowledges that we are reading a lot into it.

Maybe Jim Davis has gotten out of his slump or has hired a new writer. I found this amusing because I own a dog with a huge tongue.

Yesterday, I discovered an alternative to mace. I ate some pork sausage and a bit of grease squirted on my shirt. I let the dogs back in the house after I ate. Loki smelled the bit of grease and he would not stay away from me. He leaned on me, barked at me when I stopped petting him, followed me very closely and tried to get in my lap. I took off the shirt and Loki grabbed it. He obeyed I told him to let go. After I changed shirts, Loki returned to his normal self.

Next time I take Loki for a walk I will carry a spray bottle of pork sausage grease. Spray that on a potential threat instead of mace. I don't think Loki would eat someone slathered in pork grease but he would pin them down while he licked the grease off.

Your caricature stinks when you have to put a label on it.

Can never go wrong with a fart joke. I know people who find happiness in being offended. They don't realize that offense is their source of happiness but if they were not offended by something then their conversations would be very short and their lives would have less meaning. My better self feels pity for them but my usual self finds them really annoying. My evil self wants to give them something to really be offended about in the hopes that they would remove themselves from my life or at least talk about something else in my presence or try to find another source of meaning.

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Your last paragraph -- very well said. So much so that it started one for me: